QuakerMeetings.com began as a passion project of Thomas C. Hill (1946-2021), a dedicated scholar of Quaker history. The site was the digital successor to Hill's book Monthly Meetings in North America: A Quaker Index, and was his attempt to record basic historical information (former name, parent bodies, location, meeting genealogy, records-storage locations, records known extant) about every monthly meeting of the Religious Society of Friends that has ever existed in North America (over 2100 identified so far).

In addition to the index itself, there is a useful page of definitions, which outlines some of the unique terminology of Quaker congregations alongside some of the site's abbreviations and distinctive vocabulary. Of particular interest are Tom Hill's histories of the various Yearly Meetings, which are of enormous historical value and can be taken as authoritative through 2021.

The site has become an invaluable resource for genealogists, historians, and architectural preservationists, and is now being maintained by the Friends Collection of Earlham College and the Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College. While the colleges are not able to maintain all of the data on meetings' websites and records locations, they are committed to the continuing utility of this resource. Archivists at Swarthmore and Earlham welcome clerks and others in meeting leadership to reach out to them at friends@swarthmore.edu or archives@earlham.edu with updates and corrections.

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